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6th generation family run, thies 1856 ® and its beloved iconic squirrel ™ represent the original eco, fair, innovative footwear brand.thies cover booklet DE Kopie

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thies ® | Deutsche Schuhmacher in der 6ten Generation seit 1856

1856 the company „Ferdinand Fischer“ was founded with offices/factories in Germany’s region “Sachsen” by

Ferdinand Fischer (Master of Hat-Manufacturing) born in 1831. Starting with the production of felt material the factory quickly turned into a vibrant and creative shoe manufacturer.

1945 the company is lost without any remuneration to the Eastern-German government after world war II

1947 new start by Ingeborg Thies a born Fischer

1949 the company “Ferdinand Fischer KG” is re-launched in Schneverdingen, Northern Germany by Horst Fischer

1949 the company “Thies-Fischer KG” is founded

1984 the company “K&T Handels- und Unternehmensberatung GmbH” is founded in the fifth generation after Ferdinand Fischer by Ulrike Kotjan and Ursula & Matthias Thies

2006 family Thies-Fischer is celebrating 150 years developing and supplying shoes, materials and accessoires

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Das Design Team und die Familie Thies wurden bereits mit vielen internationalen Auszeichnungen und Preisen geehrt. Hier einige Beispiele:

The Design Team and the Thies Family have been honoured with various awards and international Design Prizes. Here some examples:

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